| Web Designer & eCommerce Specialist
I create eCommerce sites that are engaging, easy to maintain and generate business.

Hello! My name is Naomi Dodsworth and welcome to my home online. I’m a web designer from Toronto, Canada and I specialize in eCommerce design.

My clients are solo and small business owners who need a website that...

  • engages their audience
  • fits into a larger marketing strategy
  • is easy to maintain and update
  • tracks leads and conversions
  • is responsive to the device it’s viewed on
  • is SEO friendly

Why do you need an eCommerce Specialist to set up your online store?

With almost 5 years' experience designing eCommerce websites, I can safely say I've been in the trenches! There is nothing more exciting than setting up your online store, but there are a million decisions to be made and good procedures that need to be set in place.

If you are not sure where to start and are worried about the small stuff slipping through the cracks, have an expert set of eyes (and hands) on the creation of your eCommerce store.

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